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Sedation Dentistry

In Pflugerville, TX
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Taking the Stress Out of Dentistry with Sedation

We are all about smiles. We love beautifying them, making them healthy, and most of all, giving our patients a reason to use them. Unfortunately, for millions of Americans who suffer from dental phobia, just the thought of visiting a dentist can be anxiety-inducing. That is why we make every effort to take the stress out of dentistry with exceptionally gentle techniques and optional sedation.

Overcoming Dental Anxiety

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The Benefits of Sedation Dentistry

We offer oral sedation, which is a prescription medication that you take in advance of your appointment. It takes effect gradually, which can help ease pre-treatment fears. The procedure does not begin until the sedative is fully in effect, and you are comfortable. Although sedation may be essential for people with severe phobias, it is helpful in other situations as well:

  • Making the experience more pleasant for people with mild anxiety or those who find it difficult to sit still for an extended time
  • Improving comfort for patients with muscular disorders or other problems that make it painful to hold their mouths open
  • Reducing or eliminating “dental chair fatigue” for patients who need lengthy treatments, or who want to combine multiple procedures in one appointment
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Are You Ready to Relax?

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