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Mouth Guards

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Protecting Smiles with Custom Mouth Guards

When we talk about protecting oral health, you probably think of brushing and flossing. However, the oral structure encompasses more than teeth, and bacteria is just one of many potential causes of harm. Oral appliances, usually called mouth guards, can help prevent jaw pain, injury, and much more. Dr. Lakshay Sharma offers a couple of types of custom mouth guards.

Night Guards

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Sports Mouth Guards

If you or your child play sports, then you are probably familiar with athletic mouth guards. Popular “boil and bite” styles are sold at most major retailers and sporting goods stores. They serve a purpose but don’t offer the highest level of protection for intense contact sports, and they might not be the most comfortable thing to wear. A mouth guard from Elite Smiles of Pflugerville is individually made just for you, providing a much higher level of customization than a boiling can.

Dr. Sharma strongly advises patients of all ages to take athletic protective gear seriously. He can speak from experience. As a former college football player, he knows very well how brutal contact sports are. The advantages of a professionally made, high-quality athletic mouth guard include:

  • Precision fit offers the best protection against oral injury
  • Improved comfort means you can focus on the game without distractions
  • Studies have shown that the thickness of mouth guard material correlates to the level of protection

Dr. Lakshay Sharma

Guard Against Oral Injury

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