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Find relief from TMJ pain with advanced treatment in Pflugerville, TX

Symptoms can range from upper body pain to ringing in the ears, and from mild to debilitating. Maybe you’ve been struggling for years to find the cause, or maybe you’ve been diagnosed with TMJ disorder, but jaw pain relief remains elusive. Where can you turn for answers and effective treatment? If you are in Pflugerville, TX or nearby communities, the answer is easy. Just come see Dr. Jordan Tucker at Elite Smiles of Pflugerville.

What is TMJ disorder?

TMJ is an acronym, meaning temporomandibular joint, better known as the jaw. It is a complex structure, capable of exerting tremendous pressure with an impressive range of motion. Much like a piece of ultra-sophisticated machinery, even a slight misalignment or malfunction can cause big problems. TMJ disorder, or TMJD, is notoriously difficult to diagnose and treat, because there are many potential causes and it manifests a little differently in each individual.

In generations past, primary care physicians were often tasked with diagnosing and treating TMJ disorder because symptoms rarely develop within the mouth. However, the problem – and therefore the key to finding relief – is the oral structure. Increasingly, patients are turning to dentists such as Dr. Tucker who have an in-depth understanding of the oral structure and extensive experience in TMJ disorder.

Causes and symptoms

There is a wide range of potential causes, including bruxism, oral injury, improperly developed jaw, degenerative joint disorders, damage from a surgery in the jaw area, and more. Often, it is a combination of factors, and sometimes the exact cause is never identified.

Symptoms of TMJ disorder may include:

  • Jaw pain or soreness
  • Earaches, pain around the ear
  • Facial pain
  • Clicking sound when you move your jaw
  • Locked jaw or limited movement
  • Tinnitus (ringing in the ears)
  • Dizziness
  • Severe headaches
  • Upper body pain

TMJ therapy

Every case is different, with potential treatments including bruxism appliances and orthodontic correction. Occasionally, TMJ disorder symptoms will resolve after months or years. Sometimes the right treatment will bring lasting relief. Other times, it may not be possible to cure TMJ, but it can be controlled with appropriate therapy. Dr. Tucker will perform a comprehensive examination, analyze the factors affecting your jaws, learn about your symptoms and medical history, and then devise a customized treatment plan to meet your unique needs.

If you are seeking relief from TMJ headaches and other symptoms, give us a call at (512) 273-7790 and schedule a consultation.

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