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Teeth Whitening

Unique teeth whitening programs to keep Pflugerville smiles sparkling

There are few things in life that everyone agrees on. Smiles are among those things. Who doesn’t love the warmth of a friendly smile and the beauty of white teeth? Here at Elite Smiles of Pflugerville we offer a couple of teeth whitening options to restore your sparkle.

Free whitening for life

You see free teeth whitening and ask, “what’s the catch?” It’s simple, just take care of your teeth and we’ll help you keep them white. It is a win-win, because you get white teeth at no cost and you are incentivized to come back every six months to get your cleaning and keep up with your preventive care.

To qualify, you need to have an initial office visit including, necessary x-rays, necessary exams, and cleaning. As long as you don’t have any cavities, we will make your whitening trays. Those trays are yours to keep, and we give you whitening gel and instructions. Every six months when you come back for your cleanings you get more whitening gel. It’s as simple as that.

The benefits include:

  • You will have supplies on hand for touchups as needed to keep your teeth eternally brilliant
  • No cost to qualifying patients, so you can stop spending money on whitening products
  • Staying current with preventative care ensures two things: first, you stay healthy as possible, and second this saves you a lot of time and money in the future as we are able to diagnose and treat problems in the earliest stagesYou need to keep up preventive care, which helps avoid potentially expensive, harmful, and painful problems down the road

One-visit Zoom teeth whitening

If you want a brilliant smile in a hurry, just Zoom it! This advanced teeth whitening system utilizes potent, light-activated gel to achieve a stark improvement in a matter of minutes. It is performed by a dental professional, using a special protocol to prevent bleaching gel from contacting your gums. The result is a safe and powerful treatment with immediate results.

The procedure is straightforward and comfortable. First, we isolate teeth from soft tissue, and then apply a precise amount of whitening gel. Next, we apply the blue activation light for about 15 minutes. Last, the gel is removed. You can have up to four 15-minute sessions in one appointment, depending on your desired shade of whiteness.

The benefits include:

  • Zoom can whiten teeth as much as eight shades
  • Most patients experience little to no sensitivity
  • In-office procedure with full results visible immediately

Are you ready for a brighter smile?

Many new patients choose to Zoom away years of stains, and then participate in the whitening for life program to maintain their brilliant smiles. If you are interested in Zoom or whitening for life or a combination, it is easy to get started. Call our office at (512) 273-7790.

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