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Dental Implants

Why dental implants are the gold standard treatment in Pflugerville, TX

Dr. Tucker of Pflugerville, TX often says that there’s nothing like the teeth that God put in your mouth. However, dental implants are the second-best thing. The technology and materials used have evolved considerably in a short amount of time, making this by far the best missing teeth replacement option.

One tooth problem, one tooth solution

Historically, bridgework was the go-to solution for a single missing tooth. Dental bridges are good, and we offer them for patients who don’t want implants. However, there are a couple of serious drawbacks to a dental bridge. First, it only replaces the visible part of the tooth, not the root. Second, it requires a couple of crowns to keep it in place. In other words, we are altering two healthy teeth in the process of replacing one missing tooth.

Dental implants are essentially fabricated tooth roots. They go in the jawbone and provide support for a restoration. If you lose one tooth, we can replace it with one implant and a porcelain crown – no other teeth involved.

Why choose dental implants

Dr. Tucker had the privilege of working under a dental implant specialist for about a year, during which time he received advanced training. He also gained a deep appreciation for the many benefits of dental implants. One of the most significant is preservation of the jawbone. Tooth roots transfer bite force to the jawbone, which stimulates healthy cell rejuvenation. Just as unused muscles will atrophy, the jawbone begins shrinking (resorbing) when not stimulated by roots. Implants mimic the action of tooth roots, preventing bone resorption. Other benefits include:

  • Unlike natural teeth, dental implants and restorations do not get cavities
  • Zirconia implants topped with porcelain restorations look just like natural teeth
  • If you maintain good oral hygiene, implant supported restorations can last a lifetime
  • Implants function just like teeth, allowing you to eat what you like without worry or discomfort

Discover the gold standard

If you are looking for a tooth replacement solution with appearance, comfort, and functionality that mimics natural teeth, ask Dr. Tucker about implants. Just call us at (512) 273-7790 to arrange a consultation.

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