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Dental Bridges

A dental bridge in Pflugerville, TX can fill the gap in your smile and your confidence

When you lose a tooth, you are losing more than a bit of enamel and dentin. It affects your appearance, confidence, and oral health. Pflugerville, TX patients have several excellent options for replacing missing teeth, including dental bridges. Dr. Jordan Tucker uses premier quality materials and aesthetic design principles for long lasting, natural looking results.

Bridging the gap

A dental bridge does exactly what the name implies. It spans the space left by missing teeth. The bridge’s supports are dental crowns, which are affixed to teeth on each side of the gap. Positioned between the crowns are one or several prosthetic teeth, known as pontics. These elements are fused together, creating a single unit. However, they look like separate parts. More importantly, they look and function like real teeth. Even if you have a front teeth bridge, when you smile people won’t see a dental appliance. All they will notice is beautiful, natural looking teeth.

The benefits of dental bridges for missing teeth include:

  • Fast and economical
  • Natural appearance for a stunning smile
  • Prevents other teeth from shifting
  • Restores your ability to eat with ease and smile with confidence

Types of dental bridges

A dental bridge is affixed to the teeth, so you won’t need to worry about it becoming lose or slipping out of place. The most common design is held in place by two dental crowns, attached to teeth on both sides of the gap. Less commonly used types of bridges include Maryland (secured with tabs rather than crowns) and Cantilever (only attached to one tooth).

The dental bridge procedure for a missing tooth or teeth

It usually takes a couple of weeks and two appointments to get a dental bridge. At the first visit, Dr. Tucker will prepare the abutment teeth for crowning. He will also take impressions, and x-rays as needed, then place a temporary bridge. A ceramist will create your final bridge at a dental laboratory, a process that takes a couple of weeks.

When your custom dental bridge is ready, you will return for the second appointment. At this time, your dentist will remove the temporary, and try-in the new bridge. If it meets his (exceedingly high) standards and you are delighted, then he will cement it in place.

Take the first step

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