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Dental Bonding

Improving Pflugerville, TX smiles with dental bonding

Maybe you just have a stubborn dark spot, or extra space between a couple of teeth, or one little chip… Or maybe your cosmetic concerns are a bit more serious, but you don’t have time for a full smile makeover. Shouldn’t there be a fast and affordable way to touch-up your smile without committing to major treatment? There is! Dental bonding, available right here in Pflugerville, TX from cosmetic dentist Dr. Jordan Tucker.

What is dental bonding?

If you’ve ever gotten a tooth-colored dental filling, then you have a good idea of what the bonding procedure involves. Composite bonding material is essentially the same tooth colored resin that we fill cavities with. The process is also quite similar, except that instead of treating cavities we are reshaping teeth. Bonding material is applied directly to the tooth surface, shaped, hardened, and then polished to a gorgeous sheen. The bonding procedure is completed in a single appointment, often taking less than an hour. Results typically last from three to ten years, possibly longer with good oral hygiene.

What bonding can do for your smile

Although usually considered a cosmetic dental procedure, tooth bonding can also repair some minor damage. It is one of the most versatile techniques available. Common uses include:

  • Repairing small chips or fractures
  • Closing spaces between teeth
  • Covering stains and discolored areas that do not respond to teeth whitening
  • Improving the shape of teeth
  • Restoring worn down teeth, or lengthening those that are naturally short

Choosing the best option for you

Tooth bonding for gaps or other cosmetic concerns is a conservative, noninvasive procedure, so virtually anyone is a potential candidate. However, depending on your goals and priorities, you may want to consider an alternative such as veneers. Dental porcelain has the advantages of being longer lasting, and more stain resistant. Composite resin bonding is faster, and more economical. During your consultation, Dr. Tucker will explain these and other differences, helping you select the best solution for your unique needs. Please feel free to ask questions and explain your treatment goals. Just call Elite Smiles of Pflugerville at (512) 273-7790 to schedule.

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