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Cone Beam Computer Tomography

Better imaging for better results with the CBCT scan in Pflugerville, TX

You want to benefit from high-tech dentistry, but not in an impersonal and clinical-feeling environment. We understand. Here at Elite Smiles of Pflugerville in Pflugerville, TX, we blend the very human elements of human compassion and professional skill with the latest dental technology, so that our patients can enjoy the best of both worlds. One of the most important and versatile pieces of technology in our office is the CBCT (Cone Beam Computer Tomography) Scan machine, which helps take diagnostics and treatment planning to the next level.

About the CBCT scan

You might be familiar with the CT scan or CAT scan, which has long been used in the medical field to evaluate tissues that a typical x-ray will not capture. However, standard CT machine emits fan-shaped x-ray beam and requires the patient to move through the machine, which is certainly not comfortable or convenient. The CBCT features a cone-shaped beam that can scan the target area while the patient remains comfortably seated. Furthermore, a CBCT x-ray results in significantly less radiation exposure than standard CT scanning.

The CBCT scan procedure is fast, efficient, and noninvasive. You simply need to sit still for a few moments while the machine’s computerized arm smoothly circles around your head. It will capture a comprehensive, 3D image which can then be enlarged and digitally enhanced.

How CBCT technology is used in dentistry

This amazing machine provides Dr. Tucker with a wealth of data about the oral structure, allowing him to “see” below the surface. Unlike a standard flat x-ray, the CBCT provides highly detailed, three-dimensional images. Furthermore, it shows nerves and other soft tissues that are virtually impossible to evaluate with an x-ray.

The applications are virtually endless, including:

  • Evaluating bone structure and identifying nerve locations for optimal placement of dental implants
  • Analysis of the airway and surrounding tissue for apnea treatment planning
  • Identifying problems in the jaw joint (TMJ), bone tissue, root canals, and much more
  • Improved accuracy of diagnosis and precision of treatment

Experience the next level of dentistry

If you have any dental concerns, come to Elite Smiles of Pflugerville and see Dr. Tucker. Just call us at (512) 273-7790 to schedule your appointment.

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